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On September 21, 2023, I will be cycling with a team of riders from Brampton to Blue Mountain to raise funds for Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation.

The fundraising event will help fund cancer support programs and services that Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation provides, free of charge for individuals and families living with cancer.

Please help me reach my fundraising goal - your gift is the fuel that will get me there.

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why I’m Riding at Blue

Tuesday 2nd May

Wellspring has always been near and dear to my heart.  I first became engaged with Wellspring as a support volunteer beginning in 2014, when the Peloton ventured south to New Orleans. Several years later I supported as a follow vehicle driver for the Adventures to Miami (2015) and Las Vegas(2018). Each Peloton experience has been spectacular.  It feels so incredible to bring my energy and passion for helping others to support Wellspring’s Mission in an instrumental way.

As many of the long-standing Volunteers, we all have a personal connection with loved ones and friends impacted by Cancer. My mother fought valiantly with Lung Cancer and passed at 57. She received tremendous support via the Toronto branch of Wellspring.  

This year, I’m riding for a dear friend – Margaret B.  an incredibly talented woman who is facing Breast Cancer with tremendous fortitude. Her fight inspires me to strap into my bike and be part of the Ride.

I’m honoured to be cycling at Blue Mountain on September 27thin support of valuable programming at Wellspring and grateful to all those joining the cause.


Stephanie Speer

Thank you to my Sponsors


Stephanie Speer