Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What are examples of events that I can organize to raise funds for Wellspring?

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Participants are encouraged to organize any type of event for Wellspring as long as it fits within the Wellspring Third Party Events Guideline For examples, please see our list of 101 Fundraising Ideas

What am I responsible for?

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•  Recruiting volunteers to help organize and attend your event
•  Securing sponsors (if required) for your event
•  Designing and producing your own promotional materials
•  Inviting guests / selling tickets
•  Funding or reimbursing all event expenses
•  Planning and execution of your overall event
•  Submitting, on a timely basis, the net proceeds to Wellspring

What kind of support can Wellspring provide?

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Wellspring can offer guidance and support leading up to and possibly on your event date, including answering questions and providing limited promotion on our website.  Wellspring may be able to help provide (but cannot guarantee) promotional materials and design support, volunteer support and / or a speaker.  We would be happy to display posters at our centres, but we cannot sell tickets to our members directly.  Wellspring cannot be held responsible for selling tickets for third party special events.


What is my fundraising page?

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By registering on this website, you become a Fundraiser for Wellspring and are given your own fundraising page. You can customize your page to your liking and invite family, friends and colleagues to donate to your page. 

Your fundraising page can be a hub for an event you are organizing, a page for people to give donations in your honour, or a place to donate in memory of a loved one. 

Do I need to customize my fundraising page?

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Your fundraising page comes pre-built with default images and text, but we've found that customized pages always have greater impact. Make your page your own by uploading a photo, updating your goals, and writing a personal message about why you're fundraising for Wellspring.

Are my supporters eligible for Tax Receipts?

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If you are building your own event page using our online tool, all donors will automatically receive electronic receipts at the time of their donation.

For offline events, Wellspring issues tax receipts for donations of $20 or more, and in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. Only monetary donations are eligible for tax receipts. In order for participants to receive tax receipts, event organizers must forward electronically a clear and legible listing of donors, including full contact information and donation amounts, within 30 days of the event. Note that in the case of ticket purchases, you must indicate the value of any benefits received by the participant (eg. food and drink, entertainment, gift bags, etc.), as this amount must be deducted from the full ticket price to determine the receiptable portion of the donation. Wellspring retains the right to exercise and to review and approve / disapprove all receipting decisions.

Note: Wellspring will not issue tax receipts for purchases of raffle tickets or auction items; event sponsorships by companies; or gifts-in-kind (non-cash donations of a tangible item or service). Instead of a tax receipt, an acknowledgement letter can be issued indicating the fair market value of gifts-in-kind or sponsorships, as many companies deduct these gifts as business expenses, with associated tax benefits.

Is there a deadline for submitting funds to Wellspring?

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Your event guests and volunteers will likely want to know how successful the event was.  Wellspring strives to recognize its supporters in a timely manner and therefore, we ask that net proceeds be submitted within 30 days of the event. If you are using our online tool, donations will be made directly to Wellspring, and your supporters will receive their tax receipt to their email immediately. 

Will someone from Wellspring attend my fundraising event?

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We will make every effort to attend your event if you request us to.  Depending on the size, scale and timing of your event, a representative from Wellspring may attend as a speaker, volunteer or guest.  Please note that Wellspring does not typically purchase tickets to events.  If you would like to have a Wellspring representative at your event, please budget for his or her ticket within the event's expenses.

The Cause

Where does the money I fundraise go?

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Funds raised help provide the many supportive care programs and services offered at Wellspring, to help those living with cancer and their loved ones overcome the practical, emotional, physical and informational challenges that come with a diagnosis. Wellspring receives no government funding and is entirely supported by donors like you!

What impact does my fundraising have?

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Wellspring receives no government funding and is entirely supported by donations. These funds can mean vital support programming for cancer patients and their loved ones. For example:

  • Raise $600 and provide 2 families with access to short-term counselling
  • Raise $1,000 and provide one person with the opportunity to participate in a 20-week, personalized Cancer Exercise program
  • Raise $4,500 and provide 96 individuals with access to 8 sessions of Nourish

May I choose to direct my funds to a specific program or centre?

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Yes! Please indicate where you would like your money to go when you register your event. Wellspring will be happy to help you choose the most appropriate program to benefit from your event. Alternatively, should you not indicate a designation, the proceeds will be put toward supporting the area of greatest need.

How can I learn more about Wellspring?

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Follow this link to learn more about Wellspring and its programs.