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In 2021, as I was beginning my life long dream of completing my Bachelor of Social Work, I was eagerly awaiting surgery. Yes, eagerly. After years upon years of battling Endometriosis, I was finally to have surgery to regain my life and functioning. Alas, what was supposed to be the start of the end of my Endometriosis  journey became the start of my cancer journey; by happenstance the surgeons located a Follicular Lymphoma in my duodenum. 

The gravity and weight of that phone call during what was still COVID lockdown, resonates still. I had to put down the receiver at 5 pm on a Friday and put on my mama face. I thought about my twin daughters, my family and loved ones - there was so much unknown at the time. How could I live my best life under this new illness? Would I get to see my daughters grow up? Was I still me? 

I was SO incredibly fortunate to have found Wellspring while I grappled with my new normal which consisted of tests, vigilance and hospital visits. I cannot underscore how their programming helped me to handle this most challenging of situations. My coach through the chronic cancer program literally changed my life and I left the program with a renewed outlook. I was experiencing a lot of medical trauma and this program helped me to manage this effectively. How do you pay something like that forward? For me it was simple - by doing whatever I can to ensure these programs can keep running, expanding and reaching others. 

In these moments of character definition, where the essence of who you want to be and what you want to achieve occur, we cannot turn away. Getting to stand up and participate in the Walk of Hope is a humbling moment for me. It is a moment of defiance - against this disease, against the limits it can impose. When I walk, I will stomp that runway for everyone who keeps fighting, for everyone that has lost their fight and for the countless others supporting their loved ones. 

On March 27, 2024, I will be walking the runway at Well Dressed for Spring in support of Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation at Yorkville Village.

This event will help raise funds for the cancer support programs and services that Wellspring provides, at no cost, to individuals and families living with cancer. Please help me reach my fundraising goal, so that together we can make a difference in the lives of Wellspring members.

Thank you for your generous support!

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Saturday 2nd Mar
I wanted to share something exciting with you all today: yesterday morning I received an offer of admission to complete my MSW (Master of Social Work). 

As you will know, it was during my undergraduate studies that I learned about my diagnosis. Pursuing my passion for helping others through completing my studies was a beacon for me during those trying weeks/months and walking across that stage to earn my degree had so very much meaning to me. 

Not only had I completed my undergraduate studies under challenging circumstances, but I had also done something I was repeatedly told I never would. 

See, I was what you might call a "troubled youth" in my secondary school years. I skipped school regularly and often flaunted a very strong distain for the education system. I do recall being politely asked NOT to return to my school to complete my secondary education. I did complete through correspondence a year later. Teachers, guidance counsellors - they had written me off as a non-academic. A loss. Someone destined for nothing in particular. 

They were wrong. At 24, I went to College (the same College I am blessed to work for now) and completed my Social Service Worker diploma. Top of my class and with an award for academic achievement. Yup, me. 

I can recall being at new student orientation in my second year to give a talk about my non-linear academic journey and in the audience, I kid you not, was the ONE teacher who always believed in me. He was there with his own child who was attending the College. He beelined for me afterwards, recognizing me immediately and beaming with such pride. It was the most wonderful moment of my academic career. Still, University seemed scary after constantly being told I was not academic enough. 

I worked for a few years and then decided to start my first degree, a BA through part time studies. It took me eight years - through marriage and divorce, the birth of my twins, loss of a parent... Nothing stopped me from chipping away course by course. When I finally made it to the BSW program at 38, I felt so much pride in myself. Now, I get to try to push myself further with my Masters and consider what kind of "good" I want to do in the world. 

This long winded update is a chance to know me better. It is a glimpse into challenges many never have seen or even known about. It is a reminder to look into the faces of those who tell you, "you can't" or even "no, you shouldn't" and powerfully whisper "watch me." 


Saturday 24th Feb
Thank you, to one and all! I am honestly really blown away at how many folks have supported this so far. I am touched at the shares and understanding you all have for how personal this is for me to share, in addition to how important I believe this fundraising to be. 

I have a long way to go (even outside this fundraiser) but I know I can do this with all of you on board! 


How it began....

Wednesday 21st Feb
I choose my profile picture intentionally as this was truly one of the most impactful moments of my life. I completed my BSW in the midst of my new diagnosis and my little girls got to watch me cross the stage. As I start this fundraising journey to try and pay forward what this organization has done for me, I want you all to know how grateful I am. 

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Steve Fidler


Chris Wood


Sylvia Stuckey

Dearest Mary Catherine, I have no doubt you are going to rock the runway :) All the very best...always!


Mary Huston

Believing in your dreams starts with you.


Gillian Sibbald

There is no doubt that I support you Mary! You are an inspiration and I love you so much!!


Sarah Mcdonald

Mary, you inspire alot of people and we know you got this. We love you. ❤️


Edlynn Lopez




Danah & Jason Reid & Family

You are an inspiration!


Sobia Tabassum

You got this, Mary. You are doing great and will be continuing to do greater things.


Karen Vink

I Iove you and feel so inspired by you. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope more people are saved thanks to you! So amazing ❤️


Hannah, Holly And Kristen

We are proud to know you and can’t wait to hear about the event.


Sally Burgess


Dalia Hanna

You are such an inspiration! All the best to you.


Laura Fox

You go Mar! You got this xo


Janet Gaffney


Gloria & David Fidler


Simpson Family


Rachael Mckeown

<3 Love you


Pat Fidler

You are a brave inspiration and this donation is sent with so much love to help your heart & soul pay forward. I for one am so grateful to them for supporting you xxxxx


Mike Dunn




Chris Fidler