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Sam Taylor:
"When your child is diagnosed with cancer, you are thrown onto a terrifying road entirely in darkness. The support I got from Wellspring gave me the power to keep going. The professional counsellor gave me practical, tangible tools that were like a flashlight for me on that road, and the support group members showed me I wasn’t alone.”

Irika Haywood:
"I always say that this cancer diagnosis is bittersweet. I think it forced me to look at myself —it forced me to look at my health. Wellspring is a part of the journey to me finding my well-being, putting myself first, and giving back to me. The whole self-care and love that I didn’t know I was missing before. I’d always be like, ‘I’m great!’ but I don’t think I really was. Now thanks to Wellspring, I’m feeling a lot lighter."

Neelam Patani:
“My sister and I had signed up to do the Everest Base Camp trek one month before I was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer. We had an intense exercise routine to prepare for the 12-day trek from Nepal – but I didn’t get to go. After surgery, my surgeon suggested that I should join the Wellspring Exercise Program, so I could get back into exercising again and it would be tailored to my needs. I finally felt in control of my own body again.”

Funds raised go to Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation, charitable number 89272 8940 RR0001